No Excuses - Why You Absolutely Need To Follow Up

This is a guest post from Mike Thatcher at Jobrack - he is passionate about entrepreneurship, digital nomadism, and leading small businesses and startups. He’s helped JobRack increase their email response rate by 26% in the previous year, boosting the number of sales deals closed.

Success is the domain of the persistent: those who refuse to take “no” for an answer, those who refuse to succumb to indifference, those who follow-up.

In a great number of instances that silence you hear from your potential customer does not indicate disinterest, it indicates that the person has a life and answering speculative emails (no matter how interesting), isn’t high on their priority list. Or at least, it is not as important as you think.

Your job is to put yourself on their priority list or make your emails more visible. There are millions of ways to do this – from the best marketing strategies to numerous A/B testing emails on what works best and what has the biggest open rate. However, these guides, strategies, templates, tests would be in vain if you don’t follow up.

And to add salt to the injury, it is possible that the message did get through and you got an interested customer on the other side who just forgot to answer your email. This worst-case scenario ends when someone messages them after you and they accept the offer. And you just didn’t check in.

Each day more people recognize the necessity of easy-to-use tools that will ensure personalized follow ups and make them a part of your sales strategy, so that you can be hands off and focus on other important things.

No Excuses

You’re in business to succeed. As such you owe it to yourself and your employees to use every proven technique available to achieve that success. In the digital age that primarily means two things: cultivating a transparent company culture and putting email to work for your product or service.

But if you’re going to simply send out a single exploratory email and then abandon the cause if you receive no reply, you might as well fold up shop right now.

This simple fact is people forget.

Or they have other, more pressing things to do and lose track of your original email.

Or they delete it by mistake.

In all those cases and more a simple follow up email can provide the impetus they need to climb on board and become one of your valued clients.

Reports of the Death of Email Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

You may have heard from some seemingly reliable source that email marketing has been declared DOA.

Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth and here are a few readily available facts and stats to back that up:

And the Beat Goes On

Don’t leave yourself out in the cold when it comes to the success of your business. Following up on your email queries is essential if your company is to realize its potential.


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